About Poppy + Cosmos Creative

At Poppy + Cosmos Creative, we believe that surrounding ourselves with positive energy and items that remind us of our self-worth can have a significant impact on our mindset and our life. When an individual from our owner's hometown was looking for a vendor to make "sweary affirmation cards", she jumped at the chance to merge her university English background with her digital creativity and passion for yoga and mindfulness; Affir-f*cking-mations was born! She continues to create different versions of affirmation cards to resonate with different groups of people and Poppy + Cosmos has evolved into a business producing items to aid in people's mental health and wellness journeys. We are committed to developing products to enrich the lives of people of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life with a focus on improving mental health and well-being. All products are carefully designed to uplift, inspire, and encourage those that receive them.

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