Welcome to Cay & Co. I’m Colleen, the mom behind the shop, and blog.
My husband, Colby, is a professional hockey player who takes us all over the world making us an expatriate family (a person who lives outside their native country). Although we travel frequently for his job, we consider home in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. We have two small children; Cayson and Caylyx and three dogs Royce, Lexus, and Bentley.

Cay & Co. was named after our two small babes who inspired me to create a hockey skate teether. I didn’t see one on the market and knew I had to make it.
Since being in the hockey world I quickly came to realize having a stable job wasn't on the table for me anymore. Once Cayson was born, I purchased my first batch of supplies to do some DIY projects and started designing my own accessories for him.

I decided to extend making accessories for him to fellow parents who wanted chewing accessories to be fun, more functional, colourful and definitely more chic. Cay & Co. is now a hobby job that keeps me extra busy in my crazy, adventurous life.

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